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Hi, im chien the owner of this blog. Don't forget to follow my pretty's blog ya ? Leave you footprints at my cute taggie board , for you information i'm a chinese girl mixed blood . The generation of "CHIEN's" family . I was born on 18 oct 98'. 17 y/o on 2015 <3 .I adore Zoella, Joe sugg and other british youtubers xx) Be nice here.Best viewed ; Google Chrome .

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Anneyo , Yesterday"24032013"Sunday .

C▲ien ikut SEMINAR FOKUS A 'PMR' omaigod , Cikgu yang ajar
semua spoting-2 . Apa mereka ajar mmg masok otak sampai hari ni
still ingat lagi . Dalam banyak-2 subject , subject yang C▲ien suka sangat 
BM , BI dan SEJ awww mmg best sangat. Apa yang C▲ien ingat cikgu
BM lah paling best dia tunjuk teknik ASS , dan SATU KAHWIN DUA 
Rasa nak belajar tu memang berkobar-kobar* ihh ayat :3 . Subject by subject , 
Chapter by chapter . Masok lah subject math ni , hadoii . Masa tu mmg
tak fokus , sebab C▲ien mmg tak suka chapter yang
cikgu tu ajar LINE ANGLE dengan CIRCLE . Ohh mmg FCUK* lah tersangat
sangat yang amat , mmg tak suka sangat chapter tu . Cikgu sameera 'SEJ' , Cikgu Eswaran 'BM' 
mmg the BEST . Kalau C▲ien tak ikut , mmg menyesal siot . Cikgu Eswaran ada buat
seminar lagi untuk BM mayb dalam bulan 8 , kalau kawan ada
ikut , mayb C▲ien pun nak ikut \(^o^)/~ . 

The most beautiful thing in the world is,
to see your parents smiling ,
and knowing that you are the reason behind that smile