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♔ Real Vs Fake BB cream skin79 ♔
There are fake Skin79 bb cream that is being distributed now in Taiwan at a very very low price. It is being manufactured in China.

If we purchase a fake BB cream, how sure are we that it has the same quality similar to the genuine ones??? Are you willing to put your SKIN at risk for the small difference in price????

We would like to advise our customers not to be tricked by fake products in the market. Our products are genuine and it only cost abit more. So why take the risk? Support and insist only on authentic bb creams from Korea!


Original BB have noble design. "B.B" wording have anti-counterfeit shinning effect. Twist the bottle to search for this effect under the light.

Twist the bottle to search for the shinning effect under light. Touch the "B.B" wording, you can feel that this B.B wording have stick out feeling.

Search for the shinning effect & stick out feeling.

Press out the BB cream from here :)

Original product must have genuine security label.

With product + manufacturing label

Left: real BB, Right: fake BB. Very difficult to differentiate

Behind the bottle == Fake: have website, Real: no website

BOX == Fake: have website, Real: no website

Real VS Fake

Real VS Fake

Real VS Fake

Real BB have expiry Date on the bottom of the box.

Real VS Fake



PRESS AREA == Fake: white, Real: brown

Fake bb have cover; original no cover

Left - fake (1 point); Right - real ( points) p/s: latest fake bb cream also have 3 points already

BOX == Fake: have website, Real: no website

BOX == Barcode different

Left - fake (blur printing); Right - real (clear printing)

Real VS Fake

Real VS Fake

Real VS Fake

Real VS Fake

Real VS Fake. Real BB new design do not show expire date anymore



Skin79 Prestige Diamond

Original anti-counterfeit is in "zip Z" design. Fake BB is whole piece.

With product + manufacturing label at the bottom of the bottle

Old design - have website, but real bb cream new design have been remove it

Real BB cream have barcode

Left - Fake (white inside); Right - Real (brown - black)

Ps:// Before you buy please check first , because it's not just throw your money it also can make
your fake look so ugly . 

Credit to : http://littlemakeupbox-eng.blogspot.com