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Hi, im chien the owner of this blog. Don't forget to follow my pretty's blog ya ? Leave you footprints at my cute taggie board , for you information i'm a chinese girl mixed blood . The generation of "CHIEN's" family . I was born on 18 oct 98'. 17 y/o on 2015 <3 .I adore Zoella, Joe sugg and other british youtubers xx) Be nice here.Best viewed ; Google Chrome .

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♔ valentine day ? ♔

everyone know about valentine day , and i ? emm , this year i will celebrate with my family and my boyfriend ming song . valentine is unimportant , why i talk like that ? because ,  if you love someone , you'll treat them special every day , not once out of 365 days right ? if u agree " 
Thank you " . 

 Valentines is near
Just wishing you were here
You will always be near
My heart will never be the same
Beneath my skin, my soul lies waiting for you
Everyday I think of you I feel blue
Never give up hope
Remembering the first kiss
All I ask is to be with you
And for you to be my Valentine
For I will always cherish your heart in mine

~bye sweet cherry .